In these days of fast food, quick service and hurry-and-get-it-done, we can get quite nostalgic for times when life's pace was slower and quieter; when cooking and eating were family activities that served to nourish the heart and relationships as well as the body. Descanso Junction Restaurant strives to recreate this atmosphere for busy families, without having to do the dishes afterward.

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Chef's Choice  (Changes Weekly)

All You Can Eat Taco Tuesday  $12.99

BBQ Kabobs $15.99

Beer Battered Fish Fry $14.99

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Skewer Salad and Soup $14.99

Prime Rib $19.99

All You Can Eat Pork Ribs $19.99

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Chesney F.

Descanso is named after the stagecoach stop it once was, and this cute little place exudes that Old West charm, while serving up the best food between Alpine and Julian. The fried chicken, meatloaf and other homey classics are perfectly turned out, and the BBQ with Jack Daniels sauce is fantastic. Portions are large, potatoes, vegetable, homemade sourdough and a salad come with each meal, so it's a great deal. Service is friendly and helpful, I really like this place! !


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Moxie Y.

Just stop!! I am so glad we didn't pass this gem up on our way to San Diego! Clean, generous portions, service was great and the food was just mouth watering. We have dinner plans & just was going to stop to grab something small ... Ha!! I wanna come back here for breakfast & dinner. Lunch only teased me as to what other sorts of damage I could get into!


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Kathleen P.

We came here for some food after surviving the 3 Sisters Waterfalls hike. Definitely not disappointed at all. There's a clean bathroom, which feels amazing after a long hike. The waitresses all seem to love being there and were all friendly and helpful, and checked on us regularly. I had the Lone Star burger and fries with an iced tea, which was delicious. It was actually so much food that I mostly just ate the fries with the onion rings and garlic bread from the burger, and took the meat to go (which tasted great later too). My friend had a torta, which she loved, and she had to take more than half of it home. I'm not sure if we just couldn't eat too much because of all the hiking, or because the portions were so huge. Tasted great, really sweet Western ranch decor, great service, and great food.


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Charlie H.

Decided to go to the cleveland national forest and when we got to the area we were like "we haven't eaten all morning". Got on yelp to find a place and saw there were only 2 choices nearby. This one was closer so we stopped and were extremely happy with everything. The menu has A LOT of options and there's something for everyone. The service was great, and it reminded me of living out in the boonies with good ol' country team work :-) because all the servers helped clear plates, fill glasses and check on the guests. The food is a good portion too. I got a veggie omelet and my partner got a taco salad. The salad looked amazing and was huge. The price wasn't too bad either. If we are ever in the area again and hungry we will def be stopping here!






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