Choices for $1.50 per person

- Chips and homemade salsa
- Spinach dip w/ diced bread cubes
- Brie cheese baked in puff pastry
- Gourmet vegetable display (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama, celery and fresh mushrooms) served with spinach dip
- Fresh fruit display (watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, honey dew melon and pineapple)
- Gourmet cheese and cracker display (smoked cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack and Baked Brie
- Deviled Eggs
- Quesadillas
- Mini hot dog sliders

Choices for $2.25 per person

- Crostini (tomato basil bruschetta and tropical mango pineapple jalapeño bruschetta with cream cheese
- Bacon wrapped jalapeño cream cheese poppers
- Deep fried cheddar jalapeño poppers
- Tri colored tortellini skewers with marinated yellow tomato and salami
- Phyllo cups (jalapeño bacon cream cheese, shrimp salad, crab & brie, smoked salmon or chorizo cream cheese
- Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella skewers
- Meatballs (sweet and sour, Swedish, BBQ or Jack Daniels
- Chicken Skewers (teriyaki or BBQ)
- Rolled tacos (beef or chicken) with salsa and guacamole
- Potato skins
- Chicken wings (hot or mild)

Choices for $2.75 per person

- Steak skewers (teriyaki or Jack Daniels
- Bacon wrapped shrimp skewers
- Chilled shrimp cocktail
- Mexican shrimp cocktail
- Stuffed mushrooms with sausage
- Sliders (pulled pork, hamburgers or tri tip
- Flat bread (pulled pork or bruschetta and smoked cheddar)

Choices for $3.95 per person

- Cucumber ahi with wasabi
- Swordfish on hand made rice cakes with a cilantro aioli

Listed prices are for adding Appetizers to an existing catering package. Contact us for ‘Appetizer Only’ package pricing.

Choices for $9.95 per person

- Smoked Charcuterie platter (peppered pork loin, smoked tri tip, smoked turkey, smoked salmon and gourmet cheeses) served with rolls and crackers and assorted sauces (cucumber dill, grown up mustard sauce and horseradish sauce)
- Antipasto platter (Italian sausage, provolone, mozzarella, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, olives, pepperoncinis and grape tomatoes) served with crackers, rolls and garden salad